About Us

We are a group of developers who have come together to make games. We attended Tyler Junior College and graduated in Game Design. We are currently in the process of making some apps as well as a 2D platformer. We are based out of Tyler, TX with the possibility of a location change in the future if it would be more beneficial. Many of us are still in school pursuing bachelor’s degrees while the rest of us are working full-time. We are working on games in the free time that we have between school and work. Many of us have been consistent with the group since February 2019.

Mark Vardeman: Lead

Vanessa Green: Lead Artist/Marketing

Braylen Simon: Lead Artist/Marketing

Jim Rasberry: Story/Level Design/Artist

Justin Tran: Artist

Bryan Diego: Artist

Tessa Ramirez: Artist

Erin Owens: Artist

Jaylon Caldwell: Lead Programmer

Jared Reid: Programmer/Marketing

Trent Gifford: Programmer

Tingkai Guan: Programmer

Jordan Jackson: Music